The Falconer


Raised outdoors in Montana, Everett has an undeniable passion for all things hunting, angling, and helping others discover those same experiences. His pursuits span the spectrum from upland to big game, archery to muzzleloading. When he isn’t in the mountains, Everett is involved in state conservation with Montana FWP as a council member working on education, access, and landowner-sportsman dynamics. He enjoys waterfowling with his Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cane, and flying his peregrine falcon, Freyja. For the past several years he has helped create and teach hunter education programs and is a frequent guest on podcasts, workshops, and events with a focus on hunting ethics. Everett is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association and supports the conservation work of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Boone and Crockett Club.

The Watchmaker


Jamie is a CW21 (certified watchmaker 21st Century) and has been in the watch industry for more than 30 years. Starting as a parts assembler for a clock company based out of Grosse Pointe, Michigan and moving into an apprenticeship under a master watchmaker. Jamie’s experience, and training with several major watch brands, driven by his entrepreneurship, evolved into a watch company of his own, JD’s Watch repair. In addition to operating JD’s Watch Repair, Dolinar holds the position of lead watchmaker for the largest international authentication company for internet-based luxury timepiece sales. Jamie enjoys pursuing the outdoor lifestyle as a competitive shotgun shooter, focusing on sporting clays and helice.

The Medalist


A native North Carolinian and lifelong sportsman John is an avid wing shooter, offshore fisherman, competitive shooter in clay sports, archery and pistol. A Graduate of Appalachian State University, he was a scholarship varsity letterman and diving team captain there as well as NC State Champion and Junior Olympic Gold Medalist. John’s interest in water sports led him to become a diving instructor and certified Dive Master. John is a rock climber and certified repel master as well as an NRA certified instructor in shotgun and pistol. He is currently the Director of Southern US Sales for Lawry Shooting Sports. Has published articles in Shotgun Life Magazine and has written for Trap Shooting USA and Clay Shooting USA Magazines since 2009 with over 85 published articles to date.

The Editor-in-Chief


His sporting lifestyle began with summers spent on Lake Erie’s Sandusky Bay, and the balance of the year in the wilds of both Michigan peninsulas. Tales of the “good ole days” of upland hunting and fishing the northern Midwest from his WW2 veteran grandfather fostered a deep-rooted passion for all things scattergun and fly rod. Building a career in both technical and literary writing has given him the ability to share his adventures, and affinity for the finer things in life, as well as with the lens of his camera. As a master-class sporting clays shooter Matthew travels around the country competing in sporting, FITASC, Helice and flyer shoots. He spends his falls chasing waterfowl and upland birds in the Dakotas, salmon on the waters of the Great Lakes, and his greatest passion…Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in the northwoods of Michigan with his Spaniel, Festus.

The Chef


Sean earned his bachelor’s from Clemson and a Master’s in fisheries biology from Tennessee Tech. He earned a second Master’s in Hospitality and Culinary Management. Finley is the GM and Executive Chef for the High Adventure Company based in Atlanta, GA, responsible for day-to-day culinary, sales and management operations at both The Signature Lodge and The North Platte Outpost. Sean’s grandmother and mother fostered this interest in the culinary arts by including him in the household cooking operations. As a hunter in his youth, Sean would prepare the wild game he and his friends harvested in southern Ohio. Mainstays at that time were: whitetail deer, squirrel, wood duck, rabbits, and the King of game birds, Ole Ruff. When discussing his cooking style, Sean defined it as “alpha male with a cowboy cooking twist.”

The Oracle


Always a Sportsman, my voracious curiosity and imagination compel me to seek embedded adventure. These decades touring North America’s Backcountry Wilderness, hunting and fishing Michigan’s greatest venues, and exploring 28-States seeking America’s Greatest Sporting Clay Experiences are just the tip of the iceberg.

Ernest Hemingway famously says, “In order to Write about Life, you must first Live It.”

As a Writer, I feast on the spirit and details of the life in which I immerse myself. My sign-off for each Episode of my blog is “Enjoy the Moments Life Brings You.” Of course, this a tip of the cap, to the spontaneous nature of life’s best experiences.